Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It Is Almost Over!

Life as a teacher continues to be a cycle of crazy and dull, as I sit in my desk in my classroom I am at the tail end of crazy! I have spent the day tossing old files, and re-organizing filing cabinets to get ready for next year. Tonight it awards night, then two more days and a summer stretching before me!

This summer I do have some work to do, I am taking a Nutrition course by correspondence in order to better prepare me for next year. Of course I have a bunch of course to prep, Grade 11 History, two Careers courses and Family Studies are on the docket for September, most are new to me so I have some prep work to do! Of course my second semester is glorious: Psychology, Foods and Nutrition and Clothing and Design. I got awesome news the other day when my indefinite term turned into a full year term. Stability for a year sounds AWESOME!! Sorry mom, dad and Ash, I haven't been home much to tell you that wonderful news!

Of course I do get the perk of having summer "off" so we have some dreams of going camping, days on the beach, a trip to the zoo, and some other typical summer time plans. Griffin will still go to "Manda's" a couple of days of week so I can work on my course, and because he loves Amanda. The other day he informed me he had "two moms, Amanda and Mommy". On the days he is home we will enjoy a bunch of fun thins because I have time to do my work and home stuff while he is playing down the street. I think it is an awesome plan!

So bring on summer... just as soon as I finish cleaning my classroom!

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